Welcome to StovallCentral.com

As you might have guessed I collect former Buccaneer and Notre Dame standout Maurice Stovall (Now with the Detroit Lions).

In addition to the Stovall collection  I am working on several other projects:

- Peter Warrick Wants - I went to high school with Peter at SEHS 

- TB Lightning Wants - From the 2003-04 season and the 2006-07 Stanley Cup season 

- Florida State University (FSU) Wants - I am collecting autos of players in FSU uniforms 

- University of South Florida (USF) Wants - I am collecting autos of players in USF uniforms

The links at the left will take you to my Stovall Wants, Peter Warrick Wants, FSU wants, USF Wants, and some PC pictures.


PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer collect Aqib Talib. I have some great cards to get rid of of you are interested.